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Reclaim Your Domain was born out of the Domain Of One’s Own initiative at the University of Mary Washington, and more specifically a hackathon at MIT Media Lab, where Kin Lane (@kinlane), Jim Groom (@jimgroom), and Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) plotted to develop a platform that would help educate people about their data and their digital identities and help them claim (or reclaim) better control over them.


Defining Who We Are Online
We are spending a increasing amount of time online, using websites, applications, and this fast growing world is penetrating our physical worlds via our mobile phones, and a new breed of Internet connected devices. We have thousands of years of history in defining our physical domains, but what makes up our online domains, and do we actually have control over what is ours?


Establishing Your Own Domain
Helping the average person understand what an online domain is, such as .com, or the numerous other top level domains, is one of the most important things you can do in the current digital age. Domain education is more than just buying a .com, it is about learning about DNS, and how to setup websites, tools and systems within your domain.

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Educating At Every Step
The primary mission of Reclaim Your Domain is to educate people about defining and owning their online domain. Each part of Reclaim Your Domain will have an accompanying educational component–Reclaim Your Domain is about education first, and technology second.

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Research:  Omeka is another open source tool for the study of medieval buildings in Ireland, Gothic Past draws on the archival collections of the Irish Art Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin. The visual material on the site includes photographs of medieval Irish architecture and sculpture created since the 1930s as well as a collection of moulding profiles from building throughout Ireland.

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